When you need a top rated Michigan-based waterproofing company, you don’t need to go on searching up “exterior waterproofing services near me.” Instead, hire Exterior Waterproofing Services. You won’t be disappointed! We have more than 30 years of experience in providing foundation waterproofing to different areas in Michigan. Our team knows how to do professional damage control, and it is always equipped with the latest equipment and materials to do it, wherever and whenever you need it. You can count on EWS to fix your leaky basement!

Why Do You Need Basement Waterproofing?

Nine times out of ten, basement walls leak because the outside drain tiles are clogged with sand clay and debris. At Exterior Waterproofing Services LLC, we unclog them with high pressure hoses – avoiding the need to jackhammer your basement floor which can compromise its structural integrity

Our Solution is Better than the Typical Interior Drainage Systems

Our solution is better than the typical interior drainage systems, but before you can understand the drawbacks of an interior drainage system, you first have to know what it is...

We Know The Science that goes into Waterproofing Like No Other Team

While these systems sound straightforward enough, they're actually very outdated. These systems are what contractors used to use way back in the day...

Our Process Is Much Less Invasive

We're the only local foundation & basement waterproofing team with a true hydrologist at the helm. That means we know the science behind waterproofing like no other team does...

Our Service is Much More Affordable

We know our service is better than our competitors, and our process is much less invasive. Compared to other solutions, our service is more affordable.

What Clients Say About Us

I am very pleased with the work that Daniel did to my basement, the price was very reasonable. He presented himself in a very professional manner. So far after he completed the work at my basement, I have not had any issue at all.
Eduardo V
Troy, Michigan
Very professional! Great rates! Dan fixed my basement walls a couple months ago! All the snow and rain and melting snow.... not one leak!!!! Yeah!!! He was very neat, prompt and his workers were very polite and professional! I would recommend him to anyone!!! Was this review helpful?
Edward H
West Bloomfield, MI.
Dan did a good job presenting the different options that I had, and provided good service. I would recommend him over others, since his process does not involve extensive tear up of the basement.
Mike S.
Royal Oak, Michigan

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