Interior Drainage Systems (Not a good solution)

Have you heard of interior drainage systems? Novice foundation contractors often prescribe interior drainage systems to homeowners with damp or leaky basements, and as a result, many homeowners think these are the only systems for foundation waterproofing. Unfortunately, these systems come with some major drawbacks that some contractors are simply unaware of. That’s why you want to make sure you’re working with a true, qualified hydrologist who knows what’s best for your property.

What Are Interior Drainage Systems?

Before you can understand the drawbacks of an interior drainage system, you first have to know what it is. Basically, it involves a contractor jack-hammering your basement floor around the perimeter and installing piping and pea stones. The pipe and stones carry groundwater to a sump crock and pump. When it rains, water seeps into the basement, then gets carried away by the pipes and is pumped back outside.

The Drawbacks of Interior Drainage Systems

While these systems sound straightforward enough, they’re actually very outdated. These systems are what contractors used to use way back in the day, but now we qualified hydrologists know that there’s a much more effective, safer system out there. Here are the drawbacks of interior drainage systems:

  • They can potentially cause foundations to settle, as the water that gets carried away from the foundation also takes dirt with it.
  • They can attract bugs into your home, as those pea stones in your basement floor are always wet and bugs seek out moisture sources for survival.
  • They are extremely expensive and time-consuming, not to mention a hassle, because of the renovations required. This is particularly true for multiple-family homes whose basements serve as actual living spaces.
  • A sump crock doesn’t really do anything special–it just lifts the water outside via the pump.

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